Ladies Bowls

Although first recorded as playing Bowls in 1937 it was only in 1951 that the wives of Male members organised and formed themselves into the Ladies Bowling Section with Mrs E. McMurtry being the first Lady President. Originally only the wives of male members were allowed to play and it was some years before that outmoded rule was rescinded and “unconnected” ladies were allowed to join the Club for the purpose of playing bowls.

Despite going from strength to strength in subsequent years the Lady Bowlers still had no voice or vote in the affairs of the Club, were very much restricted as to when they could play and were expected to “look after the Men”, preparing meals or tea and sandwiches etc. for after match hospitality.

It was in 1999 that a motion was put before the Annual General Meeting to change the rules of the Club to allow the Lady Bowlers the same rights and privileges as their male counterparts. This was passed overwhelmingly and the Ladies have not looked back since.

The Ladies Bowling Section are very well organised and bristling with enthusiasm. They run a very popular rinks day every Tuesday during the season and field two teams in the Northern Ireland Women’s Private Greens League with the four rink A Team competing in Div 1 of the Senior League and the two rink B Team competing in Div 2 of the Junior League. Matches are played on Thursday afternoons.