Committee Structure

Club Management Structure

General Committee: Responsible for the overall management of the club. They consist of 4 office bearers, viz. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer who are elected at an AGM in March each year and a committee of 7, four of whom are elected at the AGM together with one representative from the social committee and one each from the .Tennis Section, Men’s Bowling Section and Ladies Bowling Section who are appointed at the Sectional AGM’s held in October each year. The General Committee meets on the third Thursday of each month.

The current office bearers elected at the AGM on 20th  March 2014 are as follows

Chairman                  Derick Jenkins                      Vice Chairman          Tommy Liddle

Hon. Secretary          Ruth Campbell                     Hon.Treasurer            Kevin Napier

Committee Members elected at the AGM

Alan McCord, Field Robinson, Leslie King, Stephen Dalrymple, Tommy Saunderson

Committee members appointed by Sectional AGM’s in October 2014 are:

Jenny Ervine, David Snoddy, Julie Jenkins

Three sectional committees –   Tennis, Lady Bowls, Male Bowls

Elected annually by the membership they are responsible for managing the sporting activities of Tennis and Bowls for LBLTC. Current committee chairs for 2015 are as follows

Tennis Captain: Julie Jenkins, Lady President (Bowls): Helen Russell, Men’s President (Bowls): Gavin Johnson


Sub Committees

Property Committee: responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the bowling-green, tennis courts and the clubhouse.

Social Committee: Convenor Tommy Saunderson responsible for organising social events on the club premises

Membership Committee: Convenor Derick Jenkins responsible for processing all applications to join the club and making recommendations on membership to the General Committee.

Club Development Committee: responsible for leading out the project to refurbish the club house and for producing and co-ordinating the club’s sports development plan

Child Protection Committee: responsible for the implementation of the club’s child protection policy and consists of three children’s officers and the club chairperson.

Indoor Bowling Section: responsible for managing the specific activities around indoor bowling annually Sept – March.

Junior Committee: to promote involvement of youth in the running of the club activities.

The club is governed by a clearly set out constitution which includes a grievance procedure and has specific policy statements on Equality and Child Protection. The club is affiliated to Tennis Ireland, the NI Private Greens League (Male & Female) and the Irish Bowling Association (Male & Female).